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As we always say, a trained driver is a safe and productive driver.

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Attention All Towers

 The Towing and Recovery Association of Maine is reaching out to all towers within the State of Maine.

We are asking for a donation for legal fees for a very important Maine Supreme Court Case. 

The court case is between Statewide Towing and AAA Insurance.

If Statewide wins this court case this will almost guarantee all towers in the state that get left with unpaid liability tows that they have done, will get paid for them.

Just think about how many of you have done over the years you have been in business, yes it’s a lot.

Storage may be an issue during the day in court but William Gallito will be fighting to get paid for some or all of the storage. 

The association along with other towers have tried two different times to get this situation rectified at the state level and have been unsuccessful.

We have spent a lot of time and money trying to fix this problem.

Your support is very crucial because this case is being heard at the highest court in Maine.

All thought they are not hearing from individual towing businesses on the court date they are only reviewing the previous rulings from district and civil courts.

They will be basing their decision on the laws that already exists in Maine, and the contract between AAA Insurance and customers contract with them. 

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 Towing & Recovery Association Of Maine will continue to fight and advocate for the towing industry year after year through legistration.

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Towing & Recovery 

Towing & Recovery Association of Maine is a state organization of wrecker services and related companies that are dedicated to educating tow operators, promoting the towing and recovery industry, and working with state and local law enforcement agencies to improve the safety of our streets and highways.  We are devoted to serving and protecting the best interests of our industry, to keeping its members fully informed, and to assisting them in gaining ever greater recognition and opportunity for profit.

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